Saturday 31.12.2016. – 22:00h @ Moon club Zagreb:
✯ NEW YEAR’S EVE 2017 ✯

DJ Emilio Dalbello & DJ Ace (Back2Black)
♫ Special NYE Mash Up Set ♫


[6.12.2016. – 31.12.2016. until 17h]:
Regular ticket (18+): 249kn (drinks included all night long)
V.I.P. ticket (23+): 349kn (V.I.P pass + drinks & food included all night long)

[31.12.2016. from 22h]: Regular 299kn / V.I.P 399kn
DJ Emilio Dalbello (WTC, ex resident DJ of Gallery, Papaya-Zrce)
DJ Ace (Back2Black, resident DJ Euphoria Zrce)
♫ Special NYE Mash Up set ♫


★ New Year’s EVE 2017 PARTY at Coffee Inn ★

All INCLUSIVE – Music band & DJ – Food & Drinks
Branimir Centar – Branimirova street No.1

Regular ticket: 300kn (drinks included all night long)
V.I.P. ticket: 400kn (drinks & food included all night long)

After 25/12/2016. :

Regular ticket: 350kn (drinks included all night long)
V.I.P. ticket: 450kn (drinks & food included all night long)


Green Club  Restaurant Kod Štefa – NYE  2017.
Dubrava – Čučerje – Kuntićeve stube 2
All INCLUSIVE – Music band & DJ – Food & Drinks
Regular ticket: 280kn (drinks & food included all night long)






Zagreb ADVENTure: Walking in the Christmas Wonderland




Dear AEGEEans!

As you may already know, last year Zagreb was pronounced European best destination for the Advent period, and AEGEE-Zagreb decided to show you why! Vivid city streets and squares invite you to take part in singing, dancing and other kinds of entertainment with your dear ones.

One thing you absolutely cannot miss is our traditional food, which you can find at every corner – such as homemade sausages and cinnamon donuts, which are among the biggest hits. A beautiful park-turned-ice-skating rink is waiting for you to show your moves, and afterwards, get warmed up with spicy mulled wine and learn some of popular Croatian Christmas carols.

In the evenings, you’ll enjoy Zagreb’s crazy nightlife with pub crawls, theme parties, clubbing and many more.

Besides enjoying this special atmosphere, you will also get a chance to learn about Croatian history and culture, share your experience with 20 other young Europeans and feel more European yourself!

Advent is in Zagreb, don’t miss it!

– hostel accommodation in the center of Zagreb
– breakfast and one warm meal per day
– city tour
– workshops
– social program

Weekend Media Festival 2016

What connects the Weekend Media Festival and the book Čaj od šljiva?
Creative strategist and an all-around artist, Lazar Džamić will be the guest of Weekend Media Festival
weekend media festival

At the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival, which will take place from September 22nd until September 25th, there will be many interesting, new topics and speakers who will definitely intrigue many visitors that are expected in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. One of the is the man who discusses the cultural meaning of Alan Ford in the ex-Yugoslavia territory as well as faithfully rendering the differences and stereotypes of Serbian and British society in a simple yet refined manner.

He is Lazar Džamić, an icon of the journalist and business circles, but also a versatile artist who is hard to describe in just a couple of sentences. A professional journalist, editor and radio director, a columnist in the daily newspapers, author of many magazine articles, a renowned marketing expert, but before all an outgiving and warm person with plenty to teach. He will share his experience this fall with the Weekend Media Festival guests, the largest communication festival in Southeastern Europe which is organized under the general sponsorship of Adris group.

Lazar has an extremely rich lively and professional experience and his life has taken him from Belgrade to London where he is currently creating digital strategies for leading global companies such as Glenfiddich, Waitrose, the GAP and many others. For the last few years he has also cooperated with the leading global and British brands on projects that span from research and informational architecture to the creation of creative and eCRM strategies. Until recently, he has led a brand strategy team at Google’s think-tank – the ZOO in London. All this is telling us that this lecture will require extra seats because we are dealing with a truly versatile professional.

As a marketing consultant, Lazar has written seven book with various subjects, one of them being a very interesting article collection that he wrote in London for two years for the Belgrade-based „Novi magazine“ called „Čaj od šljiva“. In this book he shows us stereotypes, differences and similarities as well as the specifics of the Serbian and British culture. Lazar’s other work is a book about Alan Ford and the cultural significance of his popularity in the former Yugoslavia. „Cvjećarnica u kući cveća“ represents a sentimental reading in which Lazar, in a very lucid manner, tries to reconstruct why this comical saga about a group of TNT secret agents and Number 1 became so mega popular in Yugoslavia and nowhere else.

LOKKA events @ Boogie Jungle club

LOKKA events
THU/ČET 04I08I16

Boogie Jungle club _ Korčula


HITO is a Berlin-based electronic music artist and vinyl DJ with unique style and aesthetic. Full of colour and character, she was born and raised in Himeji, Japan, and is loved for her
sophisticated record collection, her deep techno style, and her incredible ability to entertain crowds with charm and energy.
After moving to the German capital in 1999, she developed her passion for minimal and emotional music pressed on vinyl. Hito connected with electronic music icon Richie Hawtin and became a resident and integral part of his ENTER. experience at Space Ibiza from 2012, the island’s most forward-thinking party concept.
Hito took full ownership of the ENTER.Sake Bar at the outdoor Space terrace with epic sets – sometimes playing all-night long to an incredulous response. The room was modelled on a Japanese Sake Bar and her performances, both in sound and vision, added huge authenticity to the concept, performing in formal dress with a beautiful range of kimonos.
Hito has now evolved into a unique artist of her own right, in-demand around the world for the touch of class she delivers. Her contribution to the Minus release “ENTER.IBIZA 2013”
combined with a series of live streams from Ibiza on the Resident Advisor / ENTER. channel resulted in this fascination in her career.
People don’t just like Hito – they LOVE Hito. She recently completed a tour of North American Soho House’s with Hawtin to present the ENTER. Sake concept and she has
become an unofficial ambassador for Japan. Her background has seen her strive to share her culture, defining a palette of sounds which she relates to the five senses that have coloured
and shaped her life.

(Fuse London,Gilesku_Split)



An art exhibition under the name
✴ “Creation of destruction” ✴
_izložba slika na platnu Mirjane Pjevac_
info :

„The autor seeks and finds. Reflections of the past, untouched, violent, gentle, deliberate, accidental, unknown, …
Her paintings are visual knowledge of the relief abstractions. Run-down, dilapidated walls, traces of the pictures that no longer exist, a room floor with rhythmic cracks. The floor that’s thirsty for creaked walk and the footfalls in the dirt. She creates a “fields” of impression striated with traces of the past.
Each furrow is the impression of the moment. Stopped in the past and with unknown changes in the future.“

Dejan Duraković, academy sculptor


tickets _ presale _ limited (200) : 40kn ////
google map _

Trip around the world by bike

Good morning everyone!
Many people ask me how and why I went on the road, so let’s go once more … 25/05/2016. I went on a trip around the world by bike because since I can remember, I’m competing. It’s just in me. I always liked to push boundaries. Whether it was on the basketball fitness training or delivery of pizza, so if someone provided 5 pizzas in half an hour, I’d hunted 6 in hope that someone will recognize it. I bought my bicycle a couple of hours prior to departure with the help of friends and went without any preparation and training. Only a few have believed that I would ever cross the border because I’m not a cyclist and, to be honest, I haven’t drove on a bike for 15 years . Some thought that I’m going to party all over the world, and yet others that I’m lazy. Finally, they thought why should we help you. The truth is that I’ve worked 15 hours a day, and apart from the competition, the other reason why I went at all, is to find a job to support my family. Unfortunately, the 15-hour shift, it wasn’t enough to fulfill my goals, and years slowly go by. I want to go to school, to live a normal life and shift the borders. Therefore, believe me. Laziness is a foreign word in my life. Another thing I heard from close friends that they are looking for sponsors for me. What to say … Thank you all who are helping me because without you I wouldn’t have come this far. I think it’s my duty to turn to the sponsors and it’s the last time I’m doing publicly ,because I never asked for charity. Dear potential sponsors, I sent you hundreds of e-mails. Starting with info @ … Check them out sometimes, because there isn’t so many fools who go around the world by bicycle. Dear Lidl, Vip, Tele 2, Konzum, Ghetaldus optics, Ina, Zagreb City and others … Is my time worth your ears? If it is, send me a couple of dollars to have food, so I can drink coffee in the morning before shitting and so I could pay for the visa and the boat when I come to Portugal. I will advertise you, as I advertise Croatia. No, it’s not my flag on the bike that is important, but my Croatian heart with which I’m pedaling. This photo is from the Alps Marritime when I hunted France. I climbed high and will continue because the sky is not the limit! With or without you. Greetings from Cannes! Love <3
In the end … So this all could be heard at one’s ears, share this status. Now I need each share. Let them be a thousand as they say. Thanks everyone!!!

Zagreb Sunset Sessions ‎BSH Medvedgrad Fortress


Witness #Medieval #Fortress #Medvedgrad transforming into a spectacular party venue for the 2nd time ever.

Let the video speak for itself, 2015 aftermovie:


10 DJs | live acts | 2 floors | zagreb panorama view | medieval
fortress | sunset | sunrise | bus transportation

Phase one lineup:

BSH FORT (deep, house, commercial):
Kosta Radman [Official]

Tom Bug

BLACKOUT (hip hop, r’n’b):

“DJ Phat Phillie”

‘Listen Up!’ Communication Workshop

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

We spend 55% of our time every day listening to each other, but how much do we actually hear? If you keep getting the feeling of not being heard or your partner – not being clear, this workshop will help you explore active listening as a means of effective communication and benefit from it by:

– Learning how to create a rapport;
– Using basic coaching techniques to understand each other;
– Listening, not hearing;
– Being present in conversation;
– Getting practical tips for everyday communication.

Communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is also a two-way interaction. It’s not only how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended, it’s also how you listen to gain the full meaning of what’s being said and to make the other person feel heard and understood.
We cannot NOT to communicate, so come and boost your communication with us!

The workshop is FREE and will be held in English.

The number of participants is limited, please register here to join:

Aquapark for your warm days

One of the best relax destinations near Zagreb – Aquapark Adamovec is waiting for you… It offers what you’ve always dreamed of – enjoy doing!
The new star of business tourism in the fresh coastal air near Zagreb combines business with pleasure, and you and your associates provides business communications in a unique, natural, relaxed atmosphere where business success arriving in record time.
aquapark_adamovec_2465392_o aquapark_adamovec_97572_n aquapark_adamovec_66014_n aquapark_adamovec_35077_n aquapark_adamovec_20544_o aquapark_adamovec_7997_o aquapark_adamovec_6812_o aquapark_adamovec_56_n aquapark_adamovec_235_o aquapark_adamovec_245_o aquapark_adamovec_620_n aquapark_adamovec_853_n aquapark_adamovec_3126_n aquapark_adamovec_4865_n aquapark_adamovec_021_o aquapark_adamovec_8_n
Rich wellness and fitness program in aquapark offers many of saunas, massages, showers, Jacuzzi’s, fitness center, and all that is needed for proper body care and in good shape.  Gastronomic delights and refreshments Waterpark Adamovec offers in a modern space a la carte restaurant, self-service restaurants, the Lobby Bar and the Bikini Bar.

For you and your co-workers, we will organize conferences, seminars, business presentations, lectures and other forms of business meetings through a careful, personalized service exclusively according to your wishes.

In the area Aquapark organize team building to suit. Improve the efficiency of their employees and give them a break, work and pleasure.

For a break from the hard work that the coffee break, relaxed working breakfast, lunch or dinner with your business partners. Successful business ideas and celebrate the festive evening with superb music, hospitable atmosphere and professional staff.

For all business communications will allow us hire with desired culinary delights in a unique environment surrounded by the natural beauty of the fresh air Prigorje that will make your stay in Adamovac do still enjoyable and successful.

Info & tickets:

+385 (01) 2043 014


Media PR contact:

Movement Workshop

Do you want to MOVE, JUMP, SHAKE, ROLL, FLY, SPIN, IMPROVISE, but more importantly HAVE FUN? (Tip: Read this in your excited voice!)
Great, because this time we bring to you a Movement Workshop. We are going to do different kinds of exercises together, which are designed for moving and working with ourselves while also working in couples and groups.
Important questions:
->Do I need to have any experience? This workshop is designed for everybody, so no previous experience or particular physical shape is needed.

->What should I wear? Just dress comfortably so you can move, and roll on the grass.

->How long it is going to last? Around 1,5 hours.

->Where? Jarun lake. Check out the map for the exact route.

->What else? The workshop will be held in English and please take a minute to register that you are coming:

INmusic festival #11

INmusic festival #11
June 20th – June 22nd 2016
Jarun / Zagreb, Croatia
INmusic festival
Florence + The Machine, PJ Harvey, Gutterdämmerung featuring Henry Rollins, Jake Bugg, Skunk Anansie, The Kooks, Wilco, Django Django, Pennywise, The Coral, Yeasayer, The Heavy, Kawasaki 3p, Pat Thomas & The Kwashibu Area Band, The Bambi Molesters,Orkesta Mendoza, Monoswezi, Shearwater, My Baby, FùGù Mango, Gustafi, Gretta, Chui, Žen … & many more!

With ticket price of just 40€ it’s the European best buy festival!
Festival ticket (until April 15th): 40 Euros (+ transaction fees)
Camping ticket (until April 15th): 27 Euros (+ transaction fees)

INmusic festival is Croatia’s biggest international open-air festival located in the national capital – Zagreb in stunning lake park Jarun. It’s the only festival that spreads over three islands: festival’s Island of Youth (Otok Mladosti) and two camping islands surrounded with beautiful beaches (Trešnjevka and Univerzijada). Camp and the festival venue are linked by a pontoon bridge.
*Camp is open for 7 days: from June 17th (Friday), 12:00 (noon) to June 24th (Friday), 12:00 (noon).

From a beautiful venue to fantastic music and a welcoming atmosphere INmusic brings the best of the festival summer circuit, the greenest and friendliest campsite and all around diverse and fun festival experience in the heart of Croatia’s capital.

Start your summer at INmusic festival!
Welcome to Zagreb, Croatia!